“I will ALWAYS give an exact, no-obligation quote on any job prior to starting work”

FAQ’s & General Information 

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay for any work carried out by cash, bank transfer, most debit or credit cards and Google or Apple Pay

My SKY subscription is too expensive. Can I swap my SKY for a Freesat box

Freesat uses exactly the same satellite as SKY (Astra 28.2E). If you have SKY+ HD it’s a straight swap over. If you have SKY Q, the LNB on the dish will need replacing which I can do for you.

How much does it cost for an aerial?

This really depends on what type of installation is required to get good quality, reliable signals. If you live in an area where the signal reception is classed as good, you will probably only require a basic aerial system which would cost between £95 and £160 depending on the installation (wall mounted, chimney mounted, length of cable run, difficulty of installation etc.). If you are in a poor reception area or require additional work, I would need to call out to do a FREE survey to advise on what would be required and give a no obligation quote.

Do you have a call out charge?

NO. I don’t have a call out charge, I will call out to any job in our local area and give a free no-obligation quote. There is a minimum charge on all completed jobs of £35 so if I solve your problem by retuning, replacing a connection or any other small job then this is the charge. I also have a NO FIX NO FEE policy so if for any reason, I can’t solve your issue, you will not be charged!

Can I get Freeview in my area?

There are two ways of receiving Freeview. Depending on where you live, you will receive your signal from either a main transmitter (e.g Winter Hill which is located in Bolton) or a relay station (e.g Bacup, Haslingden or Whitworth). If you can receive TV signals from the main transmitter you will get more channels than if you’re on a relay. The first place to start is by checking your postcode at the Freeview website. This isn’t 100% accurate but will give an indication. I can call out to do a free survey to let you know exactly what you can get.

What is the difference between Freesat and Freeview?

These are two completely different ways of receiving TV channels. Freeview pictures are received through a “traditional” TV aerial whilst Freesat is received through a small dish which is exactly the same as sky use for their installations. Freeview is built into all new televisions and although TV’s can be bought with integrated Freesat it is more common to find stand alone receivers or recorders connected to an existing TV.
Freesat has many more channels than Freeview and can be received in any location with a clear view of the sky when the dish is pefectly aligned to the Astra satellite at 28.2 degrees East. Unlike terrestrial signals from a land based transmitter which uses radio waves, Freesat signals use microwave technology which will not pass through objects such as trees or buildings which makes them more susceptible to adverse weather conditions. Heavy rain or snow can make a “curtain” which may cause pictures to freeze, break up or even disappear completely. As soon as the adverse weather conditions blow over, pictures will return to normal without retuning.

I have water dripping out of my aerial cable, how has that happened?

This is a very common problem that I often encounter. It is usually caused due to the age of the cable. The outer cover on very old cables goes brittle due to weathering and starts to crack and break down, this allows water to get inside the cable and then gravity takes over and eventually it comes out of the cable at the connection inside your home. Water can also get into cables when installers don’t attach the cable to the slates or tiles and the cable simply rubs against the roof in the wind and wears away prematurely. I will always tie the cable to the roof where possible to try to stop the cable moving and rubbing on the roof.

Can I watch my Sky pictures in another room?

This can be done and it enables you to watch, say, in the conservatory, whatever is on the main sky box located in the lounge. I can supply a magic-eye which enables you to control the sky box as if you were in the main room. Your existing sky box can be connected to as many rooms as you want. Newer sky boxes don’t have the required sockets to do this but with the addition of a little device called an i/o link it is possible. It is perfectly legal and doesn’t require an additional subscription but it will only allow you to watch the same Sky channel in both/multiple rooms. If you have a Freeview signal going to the TV where the sky box is located, this will also be distributed to the other rooms with the sky signal so every room will have all the options.

I have large trees in my garden causing my Sky/Freesat pictures to break up. Can you do anything ?

Unlike terrestrial signals, the signals from the satellite which transmits Sky and Freesat signals will not pass through any objects. There is often a solution to the problem, sometimes I can move the dish to a higher location such as a chimney or I have been known to fix dishes at the end of gardens, past the trees! Get in touch and I’ll call out to advise.

I can get some freesat/sky channels perfectly but some are missing. What is the cause?

This is likely to be a faulty LNB (the electronic part at the end of the dish), which is no longer picking up either horizontal or vertical transponders. The symptoms could also be a dish alignment or box issue. I am able to diagnose the fault using spectrum analysing equipment.

My new sky box doesn't have the RF sockets needed to get my sky pictures on other TVs. Can you help?

Unfortunately all new sky HD boxes don’t have the required sockets but an RF replicator (i/o link) can be installed. I would recommend the double output Triax unit which allows both Freeview and sky pictures on one output to be used for the additional TVs and one output for the main TV. If Freeview is required when using a single output unit then a splitter would be required.

I have a TV in my bedroom which is connected to my Sky HD box but the pictures aren't in HD. Is there a way to get HD?

Yes there is. It involves connecting the two TV’s using a network cable and an HDMI extender. See the Home Systems page for more information.